Project / Program Management (PMO)

All organizations, from SME/SMB to large multinational, execute many projects both internally, as well as, for their clients.  The efficiency and overall success of these projects has a very significant impact on the overall success & profitability of the organization, yet the PMO in many organizations is not ready to deliver successful projects regularly.   This creates barriers to the organization's success.

The advisors at BwB possess deep expertise in project/program management and PMOs.   We are here to help overcome these barriers and provide detailed solutions.   We do not only talk, we execute.


PMO Strategy & Maturity

One of the key ways to ensure that projects, both internal & external, complete successfully, on time, on budget & feature-complete is to ensure that you have a strong PMO.  Like organizations themselves, PMOs go through stages of maturity as they become more efficient and transition from reactive to proactive. This maturing process results in more projects complying with standards, meeting and exceeding requirements, and concluding successfully. Knowing how mature the organization's PMO is enables it to identify areas of improvement, while also establishing goals for where the PMO should be in the future.

BwB has extensive experience with PMO maturity assessments, strategy alignment, and transitions/implementations.   We assist you in establishing an effective PMO which is aligned with the strategic planning goals of the organization and can deliver visible added value to the bottom-line.


Project / Program Rescue

Unfortunately, not all projects go as planned because project scopes are not clearly defined, project strategy does not account for impact to cross-functional and downstream processes, or proper change management is not clearly defined or adhered to. Further, project failure can take many forms such as operational disruption, poor business alignment, or lack of user buy-in. Any of these negatively affects the organization’s return on its investment.

BwB leverages a proven assessment strategy and ability to create an individualized action plan which has helped our clients rescue their projects & realize their expected return on investment (ROI).


Move To Agile & Agile Maturation

To thrive in today's environment, organizations of all sizes need to be quick in responding to market conditions; they must be agile.  The need to respond quickly & be agile is fundamental for the execution and management of internal, as well as, external projects. With older legacy methods like Waterfall & RUP still in use, the move towards modern Agile methodologies such as Kanban & Scrum remains incomplete. Many organizations remain uncertain about how to transition or are at different levels of maturity.

BwB advisors have implemented the newest Agile methodologies and also have expertise in legacy methods. Agile teams and methods both perform measurably better as they mature. We deliver on this by assessing the maturity of your organization and crafting the optimal plan to move your organization to Agile or to mature your existing Agile practice. 


Project / Program Management

Successful project/program management & delivery is more important than ever for organizations operating in our current demanding economic environment. However, not every organization has the capability or experience to manage & deliver a project/program and mitigate the risks associated with them. 

The BwB team has a well-established track-record in Program/Project Leadership, Governance, Design & Mobilization, Delivery and are positioned to guide your project from initial concept to final successful delivery.

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