Product Management

Products, services or offerings; each organization has them.  The decisions around how the organization's limited resources are invested to deliver competitive products that align with market needs, drives if an organization succeeds or fails.  Product Management is instrumental in achieving business goals across the full product life-cycle, including Product Vision, Competitive & Market Analysis, Creation/Development, Introduction/Launch, Growth, Maturity, Decline, and End of Life.

BwB has detailed understanding & expertise in what it takes to realize a quality product and also to drive it into the market for optimal success. 

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Product Management - Assess / Optimize / Establish

A structured and well-defined Product Management process is key to an organization envisioning products that align with the organization's direction, and also respond to actual market & client needs. This results in a compelling product that clients actually want and increased revenue for the organization.

BwB is an expert advisor in reviewing existing Product Management practices, assessing maturity & establishing the best path forward to allow for the creation of world-class products.   We have a comprehensive Product Management framework and process designed to be flexible and customizable, which can be used with any type of product & development methodology, including Agile and Waterfall/Phase-Gate. It covers everything that an organization or team needs to create products that delight customers and maximize revenues and profitability for the organization.

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Product Vision - Competitive & Market Analysis

A Product Vision supported by competitive & market analysis is key to having a successful product. Competitive analysis is the ideal method to identify competitors, and understand their strengths and weaknesses in relation to yours; it helps you gauge competitors and refine your vision.  Further, the product vision must consider current market trends & how a particular market may be changing.  As an example, the disruptive effect of new technologies across industries such as entertainment, transportation, and hospitality have caused a profound shift in those industries. Only organizations whose products are at the forefront and/or adaptable are able to remain in the market or prosper.

BwB has supported organizations using a standardized approach which identifies trends in the market and also the competitors' products that pose the most significant threats.  This provides the organization a basis upon which to make decisions on future product direction; the Product Vision.


Product Roadmaps

Often organizations establish the Product Vision, but then the vision is lost in the product's execution due to a failure of the Product Roadmap. The goal of the Product Roadmap is to communicate how a product is to evolve; in essence the definition of exactly how the vision will be executed. Without a Product Roadmap, products often do not adhere to the vision & the product does not deliver the expected results for the organization.

The advisors at BwB guide you through not only the creation of the initial Product Roadmap, but more importantly establishing how it is to be reviewed, verified & maintained throughout the product's lifecycle. We position the product to deliver on its vision and the associated financial gains.

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